A Billion+ Dollar Breach?

legacy-blog-title-background-1Sorry to intrude into your Monday with a scary story about potential data breach costs, but if you have responsibility for risk management in your firm, take a look at the breach reported today by Quest Diagnostics.

According to this NBC- New York report, up to 12-million data records could be involved in the breach which was discovered between August of 2018 and March 30, 2019.

The issue – and breach – were not directly at Quest Diagnostics. Instead, the problem was at AMCA, a collections firm.

Since we have seen some cases where the cost of medical liability breaches has surpassed liability costs for simple release of personal information, or personal and credit information, there’s a risk that this breach (medical, credit, and personal) could eventually cost several BILLION dollars.

At a “breach cost” of $300 per data record and with nearly 12-million records, that’s penciling into the $3.5-billion dollar range.

The fact that it was a third-party with custody of Quest data is unlikely to shield Quest from liability. We haven’t seen a substantive case yet where it has…

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Stephen Years
Posted by Stephen Years on Jun 3, 2019

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