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Cyber Threats to the Defense Industrial Base Supply Chain

Posted on Oct 1, 2020


We know that the DIB must beware of threats in cyberspace – known and unknown.

We know the DIB supply chain may be broken by a cyberattack on a long-term supplier or a new third-party vendor.

We know...

Announcing New Podcast Webisode Series

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

Cyber Armada Insurance is proud to announce our new Breach Happens Podcast & Webisode Series.With cyber threats on the rise, where no type of business is immune to attacks, our team of specialists is here to show you...

Supply-Chain Cyber Risks to Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Posted on Sep 24, 2020


Money makes the cyberattack world go round and round.

Bad actors are attracted to the third-party logistics (3PL) sector because it handles large amounts of cash, credit, and financial transfers. If...

Trucking Fleets are Cyber Targets

Posted on Sep 22, 2020


Every trucking business is in a race to transport goods on time and in good condition.

What happens if the truck does not reach the finish line because of a cyberattack?

Opportunistic hackers are...

CMMC – A Call to Action

Posted on Sep 14, 2020


We are at a cyber risk inflection point. As the attack surface expands, and the attack vectors increase, the defense community is searching for cyber solutions.

That means DIB businesses of all...

Saving Your Reputation After a Cyberattack

Posted on Sep 1, 2020


Have you considered cyber threats to your brand value?

Some cyberattacks have been shown to seriously impact brand value and share price, while some have not. Are you willing to roll the dice?



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