Breaches Galore: Even Microsoft

legacy-blog-title-background-1There are some things companies don't like to talk much about. If you are a "cyber-unaware" journalist, for example, and you head to the Microsoft PR and "news" site here, you will find oodles of interesting stories on where tech is going.

But, if you want to piece together details of the latest Microsoft data breach, you might want to head for any number of tech sites that have a higher focus on breaches.

For example, eWeekis out today with Why Microsoft's Cloud Email Breach is a Cause for Concern.In charge C-level types would have also studied sites like TechRadar with their " breach allowed hackers to read (some) emails for months."

Don't mistake our discussion onboard the Cyber-Armadaas critical of Microsoft. At least two of the people in CAhave formerly been with a Gold Partner of the Year software firm. Our respect for Microsoft couldn't be higher. (And that was beforethe GP/Y award.)

The key lesson? No matter how tightly you run your ship, no matter how tightly you keep files under control with legacy copies of SourceSafe and all the rest of what's done on the IT side, there is still the human element. And that seems to be at the heart of this story.

If your firm hasn't engaged the Cyber-Armadafor a free, no obligation review of your cyber-security risks,you are literally missing the boat.

Fill in the some of your firm's basic information here and we'll get some life preservers on the way.

Sail or bail? It's your call.

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Stephen Years
Posted by Stephen Years on Apr 15, 2019

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