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Remote Work: Privacy & Security Concerns

Posted on Apr 29, 2020 9:38:05 AM

By many accounts, remote work is here to stay. Many businesses and organizations have tried it and like it. The lack of interpersonal contact is addressed by video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Teams. High-quality...

Over 500,000 Zoom Accounts Hacked

Posted on Apr 15, 2020 12:58:30 PM

Recently, we reported about Zoom’s efforts to check and improve their privacy and security settings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom asked users to do the same.  

Zoom (a video conferencing service), whose recent...

Zoom Video Conferencing and COVID-19

Posted on Apr 1, 2020 5:23:54 PM

Zoom (a video conferencing service), whose recent increase in use has skyrocketed as a result of COVID-19 remote work, is saving us from telephone conference calls and instead, allowing us to see work colleagues,...

Risk of Remote Work During Covid-19 Crisis

Posted on Mar 17, 2020 3:05:29 PM

Why This MaTters

The coronavirus is, unfortunately, an opportunity for cybercriminals. Cybercriminal organizations are exploiting the panic over COVID-19 to trick or trap personnel to click on links or emails that...


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