Georgia Tech Breach

legacy-blog-title-background-1Big news - and more details are to come, but Georgia Tech has experienced a breach reported by WSB-TV (April 2, 2019) here that exposed up to 1.3-million data users.

The significance of this breach is that not only were students involved, but some staff and faculty, as well.

We decided to dig a bit deeper to see what could be learned in addition to what's already hit the wires. In our specialty (cyber insurance), the details really do matter.

Here's what the school said in a press release:

A central Georgia Tech database was accessed by an unknown outside entity. Georgia Tech’s cybersecurity team is conducting a thorough forensic investigation to determine precisely what information was extracted from the system, which may include names, addresses, social security numbers and birth dates.

The U.S. Department of Education and University System of Georgia have been notified, and those whose data was exposed will be contacted as soon as possible regarding available credit monitoring services.

In late March, Georgia Tech learned of the illegal access and immediately corrected the impacted application. Georgia Tech is committed to the privacy and security of its personal data and deeply regrets the potential impact on those affected.

What makes this story curious is that on the one hand, reference is made to a database while on the other reference is made to an app.

Many firms don't realize that they may have database exposures on the web while at the same time presenting users with https credentials while a single unsecured database table lurks. Or, a security hole in an application accessing the database. It's interesting food for speculation.

At Cyber-Armada we focus on providing cyber insurance for middle tier companies. The Georgia Tech story is meaningful because as a public institution, it's likely the cost of this breach could fall on the shoulders of taxpayers.

Odds are, your company doesn't have this kind of "financial back-up" available.

In coming weeks, we hope to learn more about the specific vector of the GT attack. But, as we saw in another attack recently, timely reporting of any breach is important.

Krebs On Security reported how "A Month After 2 Million Customer Cards Sold Online, Buca di Beppo Parent Admits Breach."

Timely reporting, and a well-researched response plan are within reach. Talk to your Cyber-Armada representative for additional details.

If you don't have a representative, please click here to begin the dialog process.

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Stephen Years
Posted by Stephen Years on Apr 2, 2019

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