“Hyperthreading” as a Risk Management Concept

legacy-blog-title-background-1Humans are, at their core, binary devices. There’s a “bias to binary” built in to our nature because we have only yes-no gates in our “wetware.” Neurons fire, or they do not.

As a result, when we begin to frame cyber risk it’s almost “baked in the cake” to look single aspects of the problem and ignore others.

In the computing arts, the work around for this “single process paradigm” was the evolution of simultaneous hyperthreading which Wikipedia distills down to this:

Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) is a technique for improving the overall efficiency of superscalar CPUs with hardware multithreading. SMT permits multiple independent threads of execution to better utilize the resources provided by modern processor architectures.”

OK, so explain what this has to do with cyber insurance?” you’re thinking…

Well, many C-Level people tend to be sensitized to one specific kind of threat. Maybe they have been hacked, phished, or maybe they’ve had personal information stolen. Maybe they’ve had a co-location center go down… Our experiences shape our responses and our resumes.

The reality is that the threat-spectrum is not only wide, it’s also somewhat evenly distributed. A few headlines from this week to focus on the point:

Victims left in the dark after breach at little-known health care data firm.” This relates to a breach involving up to 1.3 million Americans whose data was stored by Immediata, a Puerto Rico data warehousing company. The multi-threading aspect? The healthcare practitioners must keep serving patients while the data issues resolve.

In another story, CNN headlined that “Marriott hasn’t paid the price for its massive data breach.This story is about cyber insurance, payments, and the eventual costs of a 383-million record breach. Even while this works itself through, hack attempts haven’t let up. You may be sure of that.

There is more to be gleaned from other sources, such as the “12th annual Verizon data .breach report.”

It reveals – as we have been telling you – that top executives and smaller (middle tier and smaller) companies are favored targets because few are adequately prepared for cyber risk.

You can be, however, with a free cyber security assessment, compliments of the Cyber-Armada.

We’ll not only help you plan for that one attack that gets through, but how to “hyperthread” through continuing attacks during even your nightmare scenarios.

The objective of the assessment process is to help you define the wide range of cyber risks facing your company. And help you “hyperthread the needle” to get the optimum protection now and in the future for your firm’s balance sheet.

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Stephen Years
Posted by Stephen Years on May 11, 2019

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