May-Day, May-Day: Cyber Risks Appear

legacy-blog-title-background-1One of our clients, operating a very small business with limited cyber risk exposures found a unique one Wednesday (May Day). So much so that we thought it was worth passing on.

The small company uses one of the smaller IS's on the East Coast. About mid-morning Wednesday, his site stopped being accessible. But, he could still FTP into it.

Since his hosting is with a cracker-jack ISP, it didn't take them but a few minutes after the support ticket opened to track down the cause. Here's what support sent back:

"The outage is due to Comodo's SSL authority server being down. This is causing the Apache web server to crash. It's causing outages across the internet. I put in a work-around in place that should allow your site to be accessible again."

Is that greatISP service, or what?

Shortly after we got word of this, another source called to tell us about a regional AT&T outage impacting parts of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Service restoration was anticipated by 7 PM.

Both of these events are important issues to consider when you are working on your firm's cyber security risk profile.

Sure, there are hackers. Yes, there are phishers, but don't overlook the Acts of God (AoG's) because they can tear up your bottom line, too.

The first case demonstrates the need for extreme reliability in SSL certificate delivery. In addition, a solid plan by a super-sharp ISP with a canned "SSL failure solution" is a good idea; one that can bring quick recovery times and minimize economic impacts. Like lost sales.

The second case demonstrates why for our larger clients, we recommend use of redundant co-location centers with at least two ISP's available and fail-over power options from a second source of mains power plus an autostarting genset to boot.

If this level of detail seems too complex to wrap your head around, why not sign up for a free Cyber Security Assessment from Cyber-Armada? Security starts from the ground up.

Bottom lines for today?

  1. SSL is long as certificate servers don't fail. How fast can yourecover?
  2. And when it comes to ISP hosting sites, two fibers are better than one.

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Stephen Years
Posted by Stephen Years on May 1, 2019

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